Monday, June 21, 2010

Raffle, Trade Blanket, and Group photos


Thunderstorms had been predicted for over night, but all we got was a few rain showers that moved through. It was sunny today, but very windy. Everyone seemed to get a late start, partly because so many of us sat up talking most of the night! Breakfast wasn't until 8:30: hash browns, eggs, sausage patties, and oatmeal. They were out of milk!

Some people wanted to go ahead and leave today, so they moved up the raffle and trade blanket. having them this morning instead of after lunch. In the raffle I got a Cold Steel knife, and Steven got something called "Ribz", which is a vest-type deal with pockets and pouches on the front. Here's a picture of John demonstrating one earlier in the week in his class:

A backpack can be worn with it. This way you can keep things handy in front where you can get to them when you need them.

The Trade Blanket was a tarp in the middle of the circle of people. If you had something you wanted to trade away, you laid it on the blanket when it was your turn. If someone was interested in the item, they could lay down something they were offering in trade. Sometimes several people were interested and laid down items they would trade for it. Whoever laid down the first item could decide if they wanted anything that was laid down as a trade offering, and if not, they could pick up their item and there was no trade. You could also offer cash.

Around the outside of the circle people spread stuff on blankets or tarps that they were selling (or trading). Steven spread out a few things he brought, mostly lead balls and bullets he'd cast himself at home, and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags of 50. He sold two bags of balls for a 54 muzzleloader.

When that wound down lunch was served. I don't remember what all there was, but I remember some kind of thick-sliced meat (pork? beef?), and watermelon.

Certificates were handed out to the teachers (to make them feel!), then a photo was taken of them. This was actually before the raffle, but I already have the picture loaded here. If you were there, see how many you can name:

Then everyone was assembled for a group photo. I see myself, but I can't find Waldo:

Both of the above photos were taken, I believe, by Alan Halcon. They were posted on the Dirt Time forum by John McCann.

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