Monday, June 21, 2010

"Advanced First Aid" and "Snaring"

After the caching class Brian gave a class on Advanced First Aid. This one dealt with things like a collapsed lung and a "sucking chest wound". I have notes on what he said and showed us, but I'm not comfortable enough to try and describe it. The information should be available somewhere on the internet for those who want to learn, and classes are offered by many organizations. There are things I DO feel comfortable sharing. Sphagnum moss has antiseptic qualities and can be used on wounds. It also makes good insulation. You can cut into it and slide a hypothermia vicitm into it to warm them up. Something called "Burn Free" can be used on burns as well as on things like "road rash".

Explain to vicitms everything you're doing, even if they're unconscious. The last sense you lose is hearing, so talk to them as though they are awake. Touch them in a reassuring way as you work. The physical contact is comforting and can calm and reassure a victim. Be respectful, even if you think they're dead. Don't say things like "this one isn't gonna make it, let's work on the other one."

Tactical Medical Solutions has medical courses, though it's mostly patch jobs so you can drag them to safety for further treatment: There are also good videos on, under tactical medical solutions.

Above, Brian talks to the class, demonstrating on a dummy and showing us all kinds of cool things we could buy for our First Aid kits!

The last class of the week was "Snaring", taught by George next to his tipi. He showed us how to make a set with a snare, and gave tips.

Among his tips: leave as little scent as possible. Get in and get out, don't disturb anything more than necessary.

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