Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making bows and gourd bowls

Sig did a class teaching how to make bowls out of gourds. These were huge gourds, like medium-sized pumkins! They cut them in half and pulled, scooped, scraped, and buffed the guts out of them. Then they decorated them. Here you can see the pile of gourds on the ground, and some people picking out their gourds.
A student works on their gourd:
And here's the master of the craft:
Right down the street (well, okay, pretty much next to the gourd people) was the class on bow-making. Here are staves laying on the table, each one crying out in their little stick voices "pick me, pick me!" as students selected their stave and began to work on it:
The staves are clamped down for shaving and sanding.

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